vision therapy video game

for Vision Training Clinics


Vision Training


Simple yet comprehensive platform for VT management
Designed to help clinics be more efficient while providing a fun VT experience for patients.
vision therapy map

Connect with more patients in-clinic and remotely

Simply integrate with your preferred telehealth provider
Help those patients who can't do regular in-office visits
vision therapy reports

Give your staff the tools they need for

simple VT management

Developed by clinicians and industry experts

VT training management
Prescribe, adjust, and monitor any activity in your training toolkit
Detailed progress reporting
Analyze, share, and export reports with ease
Patient management
Store a comprehensive history of all of your patient's activities and notes (EHR ready)
vision therapy video game

Gamify VT for your patients

Improve outcomes and compliance by making VT fun and organized
Fun computerized activities and leaderboards
Designed to feel more like a gaming experience than simply training
Design custom free-space activities
Assign free space activities your way and attach worksheets
Offer instructional videos
Upload, link, or create your own videos to offer your patients a personal experience

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