Oculomotor Training and

Visual Perceptual Skills

Beyond the Clinic

  • Enhance your eyecare service offering

  • Improve patient outcomes

  • Maximize chair-time

See more patients by expanding your services remotely and enhancing your in-clinic services

Offer clinic-level care to where it's most convenient
Help those patients who can't do regular in-office visits
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VSL Management Platform

Prescribe and manage activities for oculomotor and visual perceptual skills training

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Our simple yet comprehensive online platform includes:
  • A direct patient communication center
  • Comprehensive automated reporting to track patient progress and compliance
  • Automatic patient notifications to improve patient compliance
Automated and customizable gamified eye exercises
  • Simple to assign
  • Wide range of adjustment options to encompass treating patients with individualized needs
  • Provider programmable templates for vision therapy to maximize efficiency - able to incorporate your internal vision therapy exercises and videos
Choose from a vast library of fun computerized games and activities
  • Intuitive instructions for each game
  • Multiple games for each visual skill to make vision therapy fun for kids and adults
  • Specialized options to add anti-suppression and memory tasks for amblyopia and sports vision performance
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How can VSL enhance your eyecare service offering?

  • Primary Care Optometry

  • Pediatric Optometry

  • Neuro-Optometry

  • Developmental Optometry

  • Ophthalmology

Learn More About Diagnosis and Treatment Options

  • Visual Processing Disorders

  • Convergence Insufficiency (CI) Treatment

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

  • Concussion Oculomotor Rehabilitation

  • ​Post-Stroke Visual Processing Rehabilitation

  • Macular Disorders​

  • Computer Related Dry-Eye

  • Visual Field Screener