Oculomotor Training and

Visual Perceptual Skills

Beyond the Clinic

  • Enhance your eye care service offering

  • Improve patient outcomes

  • See more patients

Connect with more patients in-clinic and remotely

Offer clinic-level care to where it's most convenient
Help those patients who can't do regular in-office visits
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VSL Management Platform

Assign and manage activities for oculomotor training and visual perceptual skills

Prescribe gamified eye exercises to enhance your eye care service offering

Our simple online platform is also comprehensive and includes:
  • A direct patient communication center
  • Automated reporting (for performance and compliance)
  • Automatic patient notifications
  • Comprehensive patient activity and notes features
Select from automated and customizable oculomotor activities
A simple way to assign and adjust activities based on your patient's specific needs.
Choose from a library of adjustable computerized games* and activities
Provide your patient with digital worksheets and instructional videos to enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes.

*Our computerized games are designed by eye care professionals and gaming experts to enhance patient compliance and improve outcomes.

vision therapy video game

How can VSL enhance your eye care service offering?

  • Primary Care Optometry

  • Pediatric Optometry

  • Neuro-Optometry

  • Developmental Optometry

  • Ophthalmology


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