Offer your patients
advanced eyecare services
in-clinic and remotely

A Virtual Platform for Eyecare Professionals

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Care for patients who can't do regular in-office visits.

Our telehealth platform is designed to enhance patient satisfaction and access by offering clinic-quality Vision Therapy and general Vision Assessments where it's most convenient.

A Telehealth Platform for Eyecare

Vision Therapy Toolkit

Assign a selection of 90+ digital exercises with options for open-space activities.

Digital Assessment Tools

Send a customizable screener that can be done before the patient arrives.

Virtual Clinic Experience

Interact with patients as if they're right there with you
in the clinic.

Gamified Exercises for the following Vision Skills

  • Vergences (3D, Non-3D, Flat Fusion)
  • Tracking Saccades (Smooth, Reflexive, and Voluntary)
  • Sports Vision
  • Accommodation
  • Visual Processing

Vision Therapy for
ALL Eyecare Professionals

The Vision Science Labs platform was designed to enable all eyecare professionals to provide Vision Therapy for treating minor to severe binocular vision conditions. Our digital tools allow clinicians to assign as list of activigies for home and in-office treatment while managing, monitoring, and reporting patient progress.

Vision Therapy for
Primary Care Optometry

Primary care optometrists can now offer vision therapy services without additional overhead or office space. Our automated VT regiment is ideal for those patients with minor binocular vision conditions like convergence insufficiency and digital eyestrain.

Convenient and Fun for Patients

With a selection of 90+ gamified therapy activities, clinicians are able to offer patients a fun experience that promotes better compliance, leading to faster outcomes. In addition, traditional open-space activities utilizing physical tools can still be assigned and tracked alongside our digital exercises.

Virtual Connect™ Technology for Vision Therapy and Assessments

Connect with patients as if they were in the clinic.

During a telehealth session, imagine going beyond screen-sharing and actually providing VT assignments or assessments in real-time as if they were using a clinic computer.

Our technology enables you to send activities with just a few clicks while automatically adjusting the stimuli to their personal screen, making telehealth visits simple, convenient, and accurate.

Become a Provider

To show our commitment to the success of our clinics and patient users, Vision Science Labs strictly works with licensed eyecare professionals and hospital systems. It’s simple to get started and easy to onboard patients right away.


  • Create a new revenue source by offering telehealth and or vision therapy services
  • Save chair time with our digital assessment tools
  • Offer your patients the latest in cutting-edge treatment
  • Provide care beyond your geographic location to patients in remote areas
  • No clinical space requirements


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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clinics use your platform?

Typically any clinic that offers eyecare services or referrals for eyecare services including but not limited to: Pediatrics, General Medicine, Ophthalmology, Primary Care Optometry, Pediatric Optometry, Neuro-Optometry, and Developmental Optometry.

Are you a telehealth provider?

No. We're a patient manager platform that enables the use of digital tools that can be used in conjunction with the telehealth provider such as Zoom or Doxy during a telehealth visit. Our tools can be screen-shared with a patient.

Do you have tools for oculomotor training and visual perceptual skills?

Yes. We have a library of digital assessment tools, digital activities, and customizable assignments that can be prescribed to a patient while monitoring progress throughout treatment.

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