vision therapy video game

for Vision Training Clinics


Vision Training


Clinical therapy management + fun oculomotor vision therapy activities

Designed to help clinics be more efficient while providing a fun VT experience for patients.
vision therapy map

Connect with more patients in-clinic and remotely

Simply integrate with your preferred telehealth provider
Help those patients who can't do regular in-office visits
vision therapy reports

In-clinic and Tele-clinic therapy management

Assessment and management of oculomotor vision disorders

Intuitive yet comprehensive therapy manager
Manage and track your patient's activities and compliance with easy to read reports
Prescribe and design clinic-wide treatment plans
Create assignable open space activities with optional worksheets and instructional videos
Connect with your preferred tele-health provider
Enable simple tele-clinic visits with a provider of your choosing
vision therapy video game

Offer the ultimate VT experience for your patients

Improve outcomes and compliance by prescribing fun video games and activities
90+ fun computerized activities
Randot Vergences
Flat Fusion Vergences
Visual Memory
Visual Perception
Peripheral Awareness
Audio Visual
Assessment capabilities
Stereo Acuity
Fixation Disparity
Visual Acuity
Designed by clinicians and game designers

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